Featured Modules

Call center

  • Provides detailed information about call flow and distribution as well as informations about system user activities
  • Implemented CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration) technology with integrated telephone and computer systems functionality
  • Ensures consistency, service quality and business profitability and improves customer data management
  • Workflow is organized with 360 degree viewpoints that provide support in automation marketing

Smart calendar

  • A module that provides support in organizing client order functions, booking a term, or recurring treatment
  • Provides support in generating schedules of job duties and tasks or dealing with information about appointment scheduling and other work requests
  • Enables overview info about operator availability and ensures search by their work activities
  • Module offers the possibility of creating bids or pre-invoices and making reservations

Waiting room

  • Developed system for monitoring the queue of customers, as well as the status of operator availability and real-time business process control
  • Enabled review and monitoring of the status of queues and the status of other operators with options of regulations in real-time business processes
  • Support in patient tracking and routing process with the possibility of canceling or postponing reservations as well as informing the operator

Work schedule

  • Provides the option of creating work schedules, tracking annual vacations, sick leave, meeting and other staffing requirements
  • Ability to allocate pauses, duties and tasks within a shift for a working week or another period, as well as assigning shifts to employees by multiple different locations or business areas
  • Prevents and avoids scheduling conflicts and ensures adequate allocation of shifts in business


  • A complex codebook allows customization of the finance module to specific user needs
  • Data retention makes it easy to create accounts with additional handling of accounts, currency, language, and additional items
  • Implemented fiscalisation system

Predefined reports

  • Support in the recording and creation of individual reports (for example, accidents at work, infectious diseases, etc.) or periodic and summary (eg. review of operations per department or creation of financial documents for payment of services)
  • Recapitulation of data can be fully adapted to the needs
  • Used in the course of business (for clients) or for controlling, finance and accounting as well as for analysis by business or business locations

Business Intelligence

  • Developed system of data collection and information used at operational level for the purpose of their processing and conversion into business knowledge to make better business decisions
  • Integrated business functions that are of strategic importance for the organization
  • The technology used to predict the success of a procedure and case studies of treatment practices in relation to the profiles of the observed groups

Medical record

  • Data set of records that have arisen during different patient treatment episodes and it presents an overview of the patient's health history as data source during treatment. Increases efficiency and profitability and consistency in work and business
  • The medical card consists of various documentation such as letters of release, medical certificates, referrals or diagnosis findings
  • Based on such documentation it is possible to create reports that serve for business analysis or finance records

Client card

  • Serves to enter general customer information, input notes to the client, records of external individual documents with the storage option
  • There are developed functions of setting up different channels of communication with the client, which is extremely important in quality relationship with customers
  • Possibility of record of eventual chronic illnesses or allergies for general patient status identification as well as input of additional client observations

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