"The Future Is Now"

At this year's "Future is Now" conference in  Bratislava, experts were able to share experiences and propose solutions  in the field of health data, thanks to the QuBit Academy and the HIT  conference to the conference organizers.
The highlights of this  year's conference were the collection and better use of health data,  data security, personalized medicine and digital management of disease  management.

MedCRM provides a sophisticated system for collecting  data and used information at the operational level for the purpose of  processing and converting it into business knowledge, based on which  better business decisions are made. Medical information for clients and  prospective clients is readily available to medical staff, an expedited  ordering process, improved client relationship management and better  client guidance during medical examinations. The technology used to  predict the success of the intervention and the case study of treatment  practices relative to the profiles of the observed groups.
Through  the live demo, the MedCRM system is presented in a way that supports  business processes in the field of medicine through the call center  (ordering through various communication channels of communication)  creation of offers, annual calendar, work schedule, waiting room, client  card, medical record (contains a complete overview of the entire  medical client documentation, therapy findings and plans, financial and  other processing information), and a commercial section related to  bills, storage and staff.

The institutional partner of the  conference was the National Health Information Center (NCZI). The  conference program was attended by: mag. Martin Smatana, Director of the  Health Policy Institution of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak  Republic, and keynote speaker was Peter Blaskovitš, Director of the  National Health Information Center, Zuzana Cích Hečko, Allen & Overy  Attorney, Vladimír Mičieta, Country Manager in Slovakia and Health  Policy Manager and access to the Cluster Central market by Medtronic and  Radomír Vereš, Director of Business Development at DÔVERA zdravotná  poisťovňa. a.s. The participants confirmed their great satisfaction with  the program and its interesting and useful panels, confirming that the  conference was a very important impetus for further progress.


medCRM is an integral information and communication solution in the cloud can be hosted over internet as a web application instead of installed onto your computer.

We use that technology to increase accessibility and convenience for all users that need access to medCRM software anywhere and anytime.

Multiple people can work in the software at the same time. You can set up multiple users on multiple computers without buying and installing extra discs.

There's no data saved on the computer that’s running the software. Besides that, we offer features like data backup and data compression for advanced security.

We offer this software as a SaaS solution in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to our customers over the Internet.

In this case there are no IT responsibilities and the vendor maintain the software.

Our support solution in customer relationship management in the medical sector was supported by the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment.

With approved grants, we have provided the necessary funds for business development, primarily for completing the MedCRM project by purchasing equipment and recruiting additional staff to accelerate the adjustment of innovation and commercialization of the same, including marketing and promotional costs. Through this way, we would like to thank HAMAG-BICRO for the excellent cooperation and providing a very valuable consulting support. That is why we consider them an important partner in achieving our goals. Support received is a great incentive for us to continue working and further developing our solutions.

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