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An innovative business solution for medical institutions

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The main advantages of medCRM

Improves and facilitates business processes

  • Acellerated ordering process
  • Higher quality in customer relationship management
  • Improved patient routing during medical examinations
  • Easy available patient information

Support for planning and business analysis

  • Support in strategic planning and management
  • Support in the creation, processing and analysis of standardized reports
  • Reporting tools tailored to your business needs for customizable reports
  • Compliance with the GDPR regulation

Featured Modules

  • Call center

    This module offers the possibility of fast and easy client ordering, along with the creation of offers for products, services and remarks about individual items related to the customer.

  • Smart calendar

    Provides the ability to generate and review work calendar data and agreed procedures necessary for a business. 

  • Work schedule

    Is used for registering and managing organisation data about scheduled working hours, shifts, and terms of work of employees separated by their jobs, activities and locations.

  • Waiting room

    Provides the option of managing and tracking of ordered clients and appointments, clients in process, processed and completed clients.

  • Client card

    A module containing stored client information which provides insight into existing and potential client (or lead) data and their preferred channel of communication.

  • Medical record

    It contains a complete overview of the entire medical documentation of the client, reports and plans of therapy, financial and other processing data.

  • Finances

    Setup module for business informations about the structure of the company, business services and products, work schedule, finance and billing, as well as inventory data and other necessary predefined data.

  • Predefined reports

    Offers the ability to record and review client processing data, as well as managing data with the use of client's medical history record and other similar actions.

  • Business Intelligence

    Provides a overview of current data, historical and statistical information recorded in business with the possibility of comparing and analyzing over time period.


"The Future Is Now" conference

At this year's "Future is Now" conference in  Bratislava, experts were able to share experiences and propose solutions  in the field of health data, thanks to the QuBit Academy and the HIT  conference to the conference organizers.
The highlights of this  year's conference were the collection and better use of health…

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medCRM in Cloud

medCRM is an integral information and communication solution in the cloud can be hosted over internet as a web application instead of installed onto your computer. We use that technology to increase accessibility and convenience for all users that need access to medCRM software anywhere and anytime. Multiple people can work in…

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Contact us and we will be happy to arrange a free demonstration

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