About medCRM

About medCRM

An innovative business solution for medical institutions

medCRM is a information system used for managing data about existing and potential clients of polyclinics and it includes data which can be collected through Call center from various channels of communication (telephone, mobile phone, e-mail, live chat, social network, etc...).

In addition to classic CRM functionality, medCRM also incorporates special medical functionalities that can not be found in generic CRM solutions making this solution unique in the market.

Besides centralized collection and management of all customer contacts, it gives the possibility to support business processes in the field of medicine with added a commercial part related to accounts, warehouses and similar.

medCRM can be hosted over internet as a web application instead of installed onto your computer. This is also a cloud-based software and can be accessed from multiple computers. We use that technology to increase accessibility and convenience for all users that need access to medCRM software anywhere and anytime.

Multiple people can work in the software at the same time. You can set up multiple users on multiple computers without buying and installing extra discs.

There's no data saved on the computer that’s running the software. Besides that, we offer features like data backup and data compression for advanced security.

Software as a Service

We offer this software as a SaaS solution in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to our customers over the Internet.
In this case there are no IT responsibilities and the vendor maintain the software.

medCRM is intended for polyclinics in a broad range of private business in various medical administration like polyclinics or healthcare institutions.

With its specialized functional solutions it improves and enhances information flow, supports managing business records, gives detailed analyzed data and minimizes risks and reduces chances of errors during everyday work.

This innovative and unified solution boosts clinical business quality and keeps high standards of work.

The main advantages of medCRM

Improves and facilitates business processes

  • Acellerated ordering process
  • Higher quality in customer relationship management
  • Improved patient routing during medical examinations
  • Easy available patient information

Support for planning and business analysis

  • Support in strategic planning and management
  • Support in the creation, processing and analysis of standardized reports
  • Reporting tools tailored to your business needs for customizable reports
  • Compliance with the GDPR regulation

The development of the medCRM solution is co-financed by the European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

Rinels d.o.o. has successfully applied to the public call for “Innovations of new found small and medium entrepreneurs” with the project Development of MedCRM Innovative Programming Solutions for Medical Institutions”.

In the cooperation of the Croatian Agency for Small Businesses, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO) and the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, grants amounting to 1,481,158.20 kn were awarded.

About Rinels company

Rinels d.o.o. was established in 2014 with the main goal of creating innovative business software and providing customers with business support services.

Rinels has employees with many years of experience in working with modern development tools. In addition, Rinels intensifies working with other external experts and also with scientists whose collaboration is transformed into products by new professional and scientific knowledge.

Today, Rinels is a member of the STORM group, offering joint services with integration of various business solutions.

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